Who isn’t intrigued by the idea of fate?  

I bought the Paragon fine china fortune-telling cup thinking it might be the start of something. ‘CURIOUS THINGS I SEE WHEN TELLING FORTUNES IN YOUR TEA’ was lifted straight from it. Other than this couplet there is no writing on the original cup – the ‘predictions’ are visual, a collection of symbols.

Manufactured circe 1930, during a craze for homeware linked to fortune-telling between the two World Wars in Europe, when people craved stability and ‘the known’. 

In response I made a series of 13 variations of a cup and saucer – suspicious, me? – using contributions from nine artists and writers: Valerie Lester; Alison Lester; Kiri Lester-Hodges; Sarah Gregory; Julia Bloomfield; Rachel Raynes; Linda Parr; Ellen Wilkinson; Sammy Weaver. My own message was written with my younger self in mind as recipient. 

The choice of a Bodoni typeface for the message around the rim of the cup was a nod in the direction of Valerie Lester’s work on the printer’s life story.

The Lester-Hodges represent three generations of women in one family as do the Bloomfield-Gregory-Raynes’s. These two families have been linked since Val and Sarah met at the gates of Garden Suburb Infant School, North London in 1972. 

There is a word for reading fortunes in tealeaves: ‘tasseography’.

My thanks to Luke and Sarah Salaman. Luke contributed technical know-how and the cups were fired in their kiln in Bristol UK.