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In the week just gone I flew to Alkmaar NL. It didn’t take long but it was another world in terms of print and where print sits within the cultural landscape. I was invited to make work for a week with Grafisch Atelier Alkmaar.  The print workshop is celebrating its fortieth anniversary with an ambitious six week residency in the town’s deconsecrated Grand Church. See their project website. During the week I gave an informal presentation about glasswaxandpencil. It was the first time I’ve shared the prints and my plans for October’s exhibition and when I’d finished we talked about which aspects of the talk individuals had related to and what they thought I ought to do about the exhibition labelling / contextualisation. It was very useful with contrasting opinions aired straight away and some very good suggestions from the artists and scientists present. Thanking all of you who came and Rolluf for suggesting it. Panorama of church showing some of the printing kit GAA have installed for the residency.image1

Did this drawing/rubbing with wood engraving blocks behind the paper last month. Engraver Asleep drawing of Gran lying down for paste board

Now thinking to make a life size print pasted onto board, following an inspirational visit to Rosemary Simmon’s house yesterday to view prints and hear her tell of her extraordinary life at Curwen Press and Gallery. Exquisite print by Michael Rothenstein among the artworks.