Press Play – the course I developed for Spike Print Studio – went online for the first lockdown. None of us anticipated how successful this would be, possible only because we’d spent months building trust prior.

We emerged from lockdown and put up a show at KOSAR Contemporary, the last of TAPS’ shows prior to their move. I thought the exhibition was wonderful. No one dominated the install process, rare in a group, we came prepared to make on the spot if that’s what the space required. As a result there was a proper conversation between the pieces. Perhaps we just so relieved to see each other again. Our shared lockdown had been pretty intense.

Images show works by myself, Pauline Scott-Garrett, Sylvie Magnaval, Emily Snell, Wayne Hill, Steve Burden, Jess Akerman, Claire Cutts and Ru Broadway.

Big thanks to Tash MacVoy who asked questions through the install process, Irena Czapska at Spike Print Studio and Béa Kayani who hosted.

Big love to the group. x