Today’s research is documented here.

I came back from Alkmaar with a number of lithographic prints, drawings really, in that each one was unique. They were the subject of a short critique with the wonderful Press Play group at Spike Print Studio. I determined to work on them further.

In my head: box rooms and simple buildings left to rot. Nature reclaims. You lose a thing and you gain a different thing.

The drawings derive from natural forms. I imposed a very simple built form on the drawing by folding it.


The folded drawing is a folded plane, mathematics. Instead of the back and the front it has interior and an exterior spaces. Exposed / enclosed. Pleats shorten distances: what was rectangular has become square.

To explore the interaction between the drawing and the folds, or drawing with folds, I took an element of the drawing and made 12 small drawings. Random thoughts whilst making the drawings: Laurel and Hardy, other artists who use ladders, bonfires and Glenville, trapeze, ambition, aspiration, so close, coming together, crossing, going nowhere, perspective, pairs and groups.


Then I improvised, folding each one in response to the drawings. Some worked and some did not.

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There was one I couldn’t fold.


I looked to see if I could join any of them together.

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Then I photographed a couple of them inside the folded lithographic print. I was thinking about architecture, architects, explosions, creeping.


Brain dead, I went to Boots to collect repeat prescription.