Oooh. I am learning a lot this week courtesy of Grafisch Atelier Alkmaar.

Dutch: the word I hear most often from master printer Marja Vleugel as she tries to teach me how to make a lithograph on stone is ‘Nee’. ‘Nee nee…’ slowly with a gentle shake of the head meaning ‘don’t worry but that’s not the way’. ‘NEE!’ loudly with a sharp movement, meaning ‘keep the clean sponge out of the oil’. All her nee’s are nuanced.

Here she is teaching me how to registered second and third colours using pins and two holes made with an etching tool in the actual stone. Infinitely patient.


Prints in the rack this morning. (Great inks by charcoal black, carbon black and dense black but water soluble. Proving it’s possible to print with a water soluble ink from a greasy litho mark.)


Using gum arabic to create whites before tusche is dribbled onto the stone: