Had a visit from Professor Terry Russell just before Christmas. We talked about the lack of colour in the stores, also children, teaching and science, dissection, drawing, vacuums, liquids, printmaking, research questions and how to write them up, sealed micro ecosystems. Prof Russell heads up the Centre for Research in Primary Science and Technology based at the University. We met at the print studios at the Bluecoat. I’m hoping his input will continue.

I’ve been thinking about labelling. My gran produced a beautiful garden plan. I have screen printed it onto both sides of these plastic plant tags. As a flat sheet, they remind me of postcards. Separated they make me think of germinating seeds. Will continue to fiddle until something happens.

Also playing with red and blue veins / tributaries / fractures / root systems. Have printed a number of these to be backgrounds for drawings (on paper). Also screen printed this onto the lining of a beautiful white jacket: reverse side. Have partly detached from the jacket and turned inside out. It reminds me of a flayed arm in the Heritage Collection and an engraving by William Cowper I saw in an exhibition (The Quick and the Dead) at the Hayward in the 1990’s.