Met with Leonie Sedman. Leonie curates the ‘Heritage Collections’ at the VG&M i.e. all but the Fine & Decorative Arts objects. Fresh from having installed a new display on the Hittites.

Quick tour: a number of linked rooms, underground. As you move through the space the lighting flickers on. The temperature is controlled throughout. So much to take in but I was immediately drawn to the wet and dry zoological collections, the anatomical collection. This includes very large-scale anatomical drawings and the original sink from the University’s old dissection room.

Items stored in transparent glass, white plastic boxes, bubblewrap and tissue paper. In one box a wax model of a brain, within a human skull, within a nest of tissue paper really caught my imagination. Something to do with the juxtaposition of plastic, tissue, bone and wax, all similarly lacking in colour. Got me thinking about materials and combinations of organic / non-organic, or substances with shared qualities and jarring differences.

The zoological rooms were also lacking in colour although near the sink (formaldehyde on side) I noticed a long list of minerals / chemicals titled ‘For Use as Stains’. Possible parallels with use of chemicals in printmaking?

Stayed for 3 hours. Am absolutely fizzing with ideas. Cannot wait for next week. Remember to charge camera battery and take drawing stuff.